The Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR)

is a partnership between the World Bank Group and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) that supports international efforts to end safe havens for corrupt funds. StAR works with developing countries and financial centers to prevent the laundering of the proceeds of corruption and to facilitate more systematic and timely return of stolen assets. Learn More About Us >

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StAR is an innovator in the global fight against corruption, offering analysis and proposals on the ways to recover stolen assets.

StAR works with global organizations including, the Conference of States Parties to UNCAC, the G8, the G20, FATF and others, to influence and liaise on policy.

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StAR assists countries in developing the legal framework, institutional expertise, and skill necessary to recover assets.

StAR works with partners around the world developing the most effective and appropriate tools to tackle and prevent the theft of assets critical to development.

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StAR offers practical advice given by law enforcement experts, on the strategy and management of asset recovery efforts.

StAR provides a platform for dialogue and collaboration on specific cases. StAR acts as a facilitator in bringing together different jurisdictions involved in asset recovery.

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 Corruption steals from the poor. It steals the promise of a brighter future.


—Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank Group


No statute of limitations for corruption: Liechtenstein returns $225million in stolen assets to Nigeria

In December 1995, General Sani Abacha - then the military dictator of Nigeria, re-negotiated the terms of a contract for the building of an aluminum smelter and power plant in the country by the German company Ferrostaal.

StAR in...

Arab Forum on Asset Recovery

The 2nd Forum was hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco. It was also co-organized with the United Kingdom in its role as 2013 President of the G-8, and the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR).  

The StAR-INTERPOL Asset Recovery Focal Points Initiative

The Global Focal Point Platform was launched in January 2009 by INTERPOL together with the StAR Initiative to provide a global network of asset recovery expert practitioners, accessible through a...

Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an inter-governmental body founded in 1989. Its objectives are to set standards and promote effective implementation of legal, regulatory and operational...


Left out of the Bargain: Settlements in Foreign Bribery Cases and Implications for Asset Recovery
Countries have increasingly used settlements — any procedure short of a full trial— to conclude foreign bribery, imposing billions in monetary sanctions. But what happens to the money associated with settlements? And...
Asset Recovery Handbook: A Guide for Practitioners
Developing countries lose between $20 billion and $40 billion each year to bribery, embezzlement, and other corrupt practices. Over the past 15 years only $5 billion has been recovered and returned. A new handbook seeks to help...
The Puppet Masters: How the Corrupt Use Legal Structures to Hide Stolen Assets and What to Do About It
This new StAR report examines how bribes, embezzled state assets and other criminal proceeds are being hidden via legal structures – shell companies, foundations, trusts and others. The study also provides policy makers...
On the Take: Criminalizing Illicit Enrichment to Fight Corruption
'On the Take: Criminalizing Illicit Enrichment to Fight Corruption' is the first comprehensive survey of illicit enrichment laws and provides a broad analysis of the challenges in both drafting and implementing the...


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April 29 2014
The Forum is being hosted in London by the United Kingdom and the United States, in agreement with Ukraine, from 29...
February 28 2014
G20 Anti-Corruption Roundtable, hosted by the Australian Government and G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group, including,...
February 18 2014
APEC’s Anti-Corruption and Transparency Working Group T aims to advance greater collaboration among law...