The Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR)

is a partnership between the World Bank Group and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) that supports international efforts to end safe havens for corrupt funds. StAR works with developing countries and financial centers to prevent the laundering of the proceeds of corruption and to facilitate more systematic and timely return of stolen assets. Learn More About Us >


 Corruption steals from the poor. It steals the promise of a brighter future.


—Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank Group


Getting asset recovery moving in Tanzania

Last week Tanzania announced that it had frozen more than 11 billion Tanzanian schillings (approximately US$5 million) in stolen assets...

StAR in...

Asset Recovery on Ukraine

Following the ouster of former Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich in February 2014, efforts have begun to recover stolen assets at the initiative of the Government of Ukraine.


Public Wrongs, Private Actions
Civil lawsuits are often overlooked as a way to recover stolen assets. But this latest StAR report shows how they can provide an effective complement to more commonly-used criminal approaches.
Few and Far The Hard Facts on Stolen Asset Recovery
Corruption has a devastating impact on developing and transition countries, with estimates of $20 billion to $40 billion per year stolen by public officials, a figure equivalent to 20 to 40 percent of official development
Left out of the Bargain: Settlements in Foreign Bribery Cases and Implications for Asset Recovery
Countries have increasingly used settlements — any procedure short of a full trial— to conclude foreign bribery, imposing billions in monetary sanctions. But what happens to the money associated with settlements? And

StAR News

India’ Nanendra Modi | November 18 2015
India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the StAR/Interpol Conference on Asset Recovery
November 6 2015
Summary of the Conference of Member States of the UN Convention Against Corruption. 6th COSP
16th IACC | September 16 2015
Final Declaration of the 16th Annual International Anti-Corruption Conference


November 18 2015
120 delegates from 50 countries join together to enhance cooperation on asset recovery…..
November 2 2015
Biennial gathering of over one hundred fifty government delegations, along with international organizations and NGO...
September 16 2015
The world’s premier global forum for bringing together government officials, civil society organizations, the...