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  • Reuters | September 16 2014
    StAR/OECD new report: ‘Few and Far”: The Hard Facts on Asset Recovery’ reported by Reuters
  • Reuters | May 8 2014
    UK to host international meeting on stolen Ukrainian assets
    London will host a two-day international meeting this week aimed at helping Ukraine's government to recover stolen assets, Britain's interior ministry said on Monday.
  • Interamerican Development Bank | March 26 2014
    U.S. settlements for overseas bribes – should foreign bribe victims get any?
    Is it fair that all fines, penalties and disgorged profits (from FCPA enforcement) actions go into the U.S. Treasury, given that the most apparent victims of foreign bribery are the citizens of
  • TV5Monde | March 1 2014
    Tunisie: Ben Ali, des biens mal acquis bien tranquilles
    Le recouvrement des avoirs du clan de Ben Ali à l'étranger reste difficile, malgré quelques premiers résultats.
  • Radio Express FM Tunisie | January 30 2014
    Le recouvrement d’avoirs mal acquis en Suisse et en France pourraient avoir lieu prochainement
  • Press Trust of India | January 28 2014
    Experts discuss ways to recover stolen assets
    Investigators and prosecutors from about 30 countries deliberated in Lausanne, Switzerland on ways to identify stolen assets and return them to respective nations.
  • KYC360 | January 13 2014
    ‘Left Out of the Bargain’ – why StAR’s latest report matters
    Over the past decade, countries have increasingly used settlements, that is any procedure short of a full trial, to conclude foreign bribery cases
  • World Bank, Private Sector Development blog | December 20 2013
    Getting the measure of asset recovery
    The OECD released a report based on StAR data measuring how countries are performing in efforts to stem illicit financial flows. It also features an important discussion on the other side of the


April 21 2014
Jean-Pierre Brun
Out-Foxing crony capitalism
What can you do when those meant to be responsible for running a country’s economy turn it into their own personal enterprise?

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