StAR supports international efforts to end safe havens for corrupt funds. 

Countries received StAR assistance in 2023
Countries received technical assistance on legislative reform in 2023
Countries adopted new laws or amendments related to asset recovery with support from StAR in 2023
People trained by StAR in 2023
Global policy events contributed to by StAR [in-person and virtually] in 2023
Countries receiving StAR assistance opened or concluded at least one AR case involving proceeds of corruption in 2023
Countries received StAR support to improve domestic coordination processes in 2023
Countries received StAR support to improve international cooperation processes in 2023

Restoring proceeds of corruption to their rightful owner is a development imperative. By returning corrupt funds, we can mobilize resources to reduce poverty and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. It is also the right thing to do.

Ghada Fathi Waly, Executive Director, UNODC

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StAR's policy work is grounded in extensive practical expertise and innovative and in-depth knowledge products by its staff who are drawn from a number of disciplines.
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And let's not mince words: we need to deal with the cancer of corruption. In country after country, it is the people who are demanding action on this issue…we all know that it is a major barrier to sound and equitable development. Corruption is a problem that all countries have to confront.

James Wolfensohn, 9th President of the World Bank Group

Upcoming Events

This year [2022] marks the 15th anniversary of StAR, the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative. In partnership with the United Nations, this initiative assists countries to achieve accountability, recover stolen public assets, and repair the damage from corruption.

David Malpass, 13th President of the World Bank Group