Transparency / Beneficial Ownership Resource Center

Major international policymaking bodies such as the G8 and G20, countries, international organizations, civil society organizations and others around the globe are working to bring about reforms in the area of transparency and beneficial ownership of legal entities (such as companies and foundations) and legal arrangements (e.g. trusts).  StAR has compiled here the key materials on the international community's effort to fight the misuse of legal structures to conceal the origin and/or destination of proceeds of corruption and other financial crimes.



In June 2013 the G8 endorsed core principles that are fundamental to the transparency of ownership and control of companies and legal arrangements.

All G8 member countries have published their national Action Plans to implement the G8 Principles:



The G20, particularly through its Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG), has played an active role on the issue of transparency and beneficial ownership.  ACWG documents, including those listed below, can be accessed at