StAR Data Collection: International Asset Recovery Efforts in Corruption Cases, 2010–2019

Better data on corruption-related asset recoveries and returns worldwide is needed to:

  • Promote the timely return of proceeds of corruption
  • Identify trends in asset recovery practices and volumes
  • Provide an evidence base for policy making
  • Promote transparency and accountability in international asset recovery, in line with the GFAR Principles
  • Measure progress towards target 16.4 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

We are conducting a new study on international asset recovery efforts in corruption cases, based on a questionnaire for country authorities. Our study aims to collect data on global progress in international efforts to recover and return proceeds of corruption in a systematic and internationally comparable way.

The most recent study on this subject, the 2014 StAR/OECD report “Few and Far—The Hard Facts on Stolen Asset Recovery,” analyzed asset recoveries by OECD countries between 2010 and June 2012. No comparative data on international returns of proceeds of corruption since June 2012 or for non-OECD countries is available, a gap that this study seeks to fill. The results from this questionnaire will be used for a forthcoming StAR report and for updating the StAR Asset Recovery Watch database on our website.

Countries are invited to participate by completing and submitting this questionnaire via email to

The questionnaire is available in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic (coming soon). You can find guidelines for completing this questionnaire on pg. 4 and a glossary of terms on pg. 59.

Please contact us for any further questions or comments:

The deadline for submissions is 12 February 2020.

We are grateful for helpful comments and feedback on earlier versions of this document that we received from country representatives and other experts during a special event on the margins of the 13th meeting of the UNCAC Asset Recovery Working Group in Vienna on 30 May 2019 and in two rounds of written comments.

Download the questionnaire:

StAR Data Collection Questionnaire – English
StAR Data Collection Questionnaire – Français
StAR Data Collection Questionnaire – Español
StAR Data Collection Questionnaire – Arabic

Download additional forms for section C:


Additional Forms – English – C1
Additional Forms – English – C2
Additional Forms – English – C3


Additional Forms – Francais– C1
Additional Forms – Francais– C2
Additional Forms – Francais– C3


Additional Forms – Español– C1
Additional Forms – Español – C2
Additional Forms – Español – C3


Additional Forms – Arabic– C1
Additional Forms – Arabic – C2
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