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We are frequently asked to provide more information on what exactly StAR is up to these days. While we have been responding promptly to country requests, and have initiated a lot of new work on knowledge and policy, we want to do more to ensure that our constituency is better informed and up to date on StAR’s activities. So, welcome to StAR’s first quarterly newsletter.

As we all receive too much information already, we have done our best to keep this newsletter succinct, while still being informative. This means that:

  1. We will share some highlights of our country work over the past three months, and will discuss in greater depth one interesting aspect of our technical assistance or a particular engagement.

  2. In addition, the “Spotlight on...” section will highlight a research or policy topic that we are working on and explain its relevance to the wider asset recovery agenda.

The StAR Quarterly is meant for you—the StAR donor, the anti-corruption campaigner, the academic, the policy analyst, or the interested member of the public. We therefore want to make sure that it covers information relevant to you.

Please share the newsletter with colleagues and other interested parties. We welcome your feedback or new subscription requests at StARquarterly@worldbank.org
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On behalf of the entire StAR team,
Emile van der Does de Willebois, StAR Coordinator

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