Case Title Jurisdiction of Asset Recovery/Settlement Jurisdiction of Origin of Public Official/Entity Asset Recovery Start/Year of Settlement Status of Asset Recovery Database PDF Report
Alstom S.A. / Alstom Hydro France, Alstom Network Schweiz AG (Switzerland) Zambia 2012 Settlements
Germany / Company P (specializing in cleaning pipes) Unspecified Germany 2009 Settlements
Germany / Hamburg-based Shipping Company Unspecified Germany 2008 Settlements
MacMillan Publishers Limited Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda United Kingdom 2010 Settlements
MAN / Trucks Unit Unspecified 2009 Settlements
MAN / Turbo Engines Unit Unspecified 2009 Settlements
Oxford University Press Unspecified sub-Saharan African countries (acts by Kenyan and Tanzanian subsidiaries whose geographical region included Kenya, Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar archipelago) 2012 Settlements
Siemens AG (World Bank) Various 2009 Settlements

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