Case Title Jurisdiction of Asset Recovery/Settlement Jurisdiction of Origin of Public Official/Entity Asset Recovery Start/Year of Settlement Status of Asset Recovery Database PDF Report
AMEC plc Unspecified United Kingdom 2009 Settlements
Aon Corporation / Aon Limited [payments to third parties in Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Burma, Indonesia, and Vietnam] United Kingdom 2009 Settlements
Balfour Beatty plc Egypt United Kingdom 2008 Settlements
CBRN Ltd. / Neils Jorgen Tobiasen Uganda United Kingdom 2008 Settlements
Innospec Inc. / Innospec Ltd (UK) Indonesia; Iraq (UN Oil-for-Food) United Kingdom 2010 Settlements
Julian Messent (PWS International Ltd.) Costa Rica United Kingdom 2010 Settlements
MacMillan Publishers Limited Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda United Kingdom 2010 Settlements
BAE Systems plc (United Kingdom) Tanzania United Kingdom 2010 Settlements
Bonny Island Liquefied Natural Gas Bribe Scheme (TSKJ Consortium) / KBR- M.W. Kellogg Ltd. Nigeria United Kingdom 2011 Settlements
CBRN Ltd. / Ananias Tumukunde Uganda United Kingdom 2008 Settlements
Mabey & Johnson Ltd. Ghana, Jamaica, Iraq (UN Oil-for-Food) United Kingdom 2009 Settlements
Johnson & Johnson / Depuy Limited / Robert John MacDougal Greece United Kingdom 2010 Settlements
Mabey & Johnson Ltd. / Richard Gledhill Iraq (UN Oil-for-Food) United Kingdom 2011 Settlements
Mabey Engineering (Holdings) Ltd. Iraq (UN Oil-for-Food) United Kingdom 2012 Settlements
Johnson & Johnson / DePuy International Ltd. (UK subsidiary) Greece United Kingdom 2011 Settlements
Pacific Consolidated Industries LP / Michael Hale United Kingdom United Kingdom 2007 Settlements
Oxford University Press (United Kingdom) Unspecified sub-Saharan African countries (acts by Kenyan and Tanzanian subsidiaries whose geographical region included Kenya, Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar archipelago) United Kingdom 2012 Settlements
Willis Ltd. Egypt, Russia United Kingdom 2011 Settlements
Aluminum Bahrain / Bruce Hall Bahrain United Kingdom 2014 Settlements
Innospec / David Turner Indonesia, Iraq United Kingdom 2014 Settlements

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