Case Title Jurisdiction of Asset Recovery/Settlement Jurisdiction of Origin of Public Official/Entity Asset Recovery Start/Year of Settlement Status of Asset Recovery Database PDF Report
Chun Doo Hwan / US Asset Forfeiture cases United States South Korea 2014 Completed Asset Recovery Watch
Sani Abacha / Ireland (Freezing Injunction on US Claim) Ireland Nigeria 2014 Ongoing Asset Recovery Watch
Petrobras / Swiss asset return Switzerland Brazil 2014 Completed (in part) and Ongoing (in part) Asset Recovery Watch
Family of former President Sani Abacha Switzerland Nigeria 2014 Completed Asset Recovery Watch
Bonny Island Liquefied Natural Gas Bribe Scheme (TSKJ Consortium) / JGC Corporation Nigeria United States 2013 Settlements
Flowserve Corporation / Flowserve Pompes SAS Iraq (UN Oil-for-Food) United States 2013 Settlements

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