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Jorge Juan Torres / United States
General Director of the Promotion and Development, the Secretary of Finance of Coahuila state, Municipal President of Saltillo state and interim Governor of Coahuila state (1994-2011)
United States
Undertaking Recovery Effort, Location of Recovery Effort
Art.17, Art.19, Art.20, Art.23
Non-Conviction Based Asset Forfeiture; Criminal Prosecution and Forfeiture
Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (US-Mexico)
Ongoing Case
Judgment by Court of First Instance
$2,762,066 (amount in Bermuda account; does not include value of two Texas real properties which was not given in the court documents)

See also related case, Hector Javier Villarreal Hernandez (United States and Bermuda).   In September 2013, the US Government filed a civil asset forfeiture complaint against Old Mutual of Bermuda, Ltd. Contract Number CX4011696 in Bermuda which it alleged constituted proceeds of corruption while Mr. Torres was serving in various government posts including as interm Governor of Coahuila state, Mexico.  In October 2013, the warrant for arrest in rem was executed by the Bermuda Police Service.  In March 2014, Mr. Torres and his wife filed an Answer to the complaint, not denying his government employment but denying allegations including that his government positions as sole source of income.  On August 3, an Order of Default Judgment was granted in the case in favor of the United States.  (Sources:  US v. All Funds on Deposit at Old Mutual of Bermuda, Ltd. Contract Number CX4011696 in Bermuda, Case No. 13-cv-00294 (S.D. Tex), Verified Complaint for Civil Forfeiture in Rem filed September 24, 2013; Executed Warrant of Arrest in Rem filed October 29, 2013; Answer (by Torres) filed March 28, 2014 and Court Docket Report as of October 28, 2015.)


In the criminal case against Mr. Torres, in November 2014, the US Government filed a Supplemental Notice of Forfeiture of two properties located in Montgomery, Texas at 160 Hermitage Drive and 53 Southwind Drive, as having allegedly been acquired with proceeds of crime.  As of October 28, 2015, the criminal case against Mr. Torres is ongoing.  (Source:  US v. Torres, Case No. 2:13-cr-1075-2 (S.D. Tex), Indictment filed November 20, 2013 and Supplemental Notice of Forfeiture filed November 17, 2014.)

Mr. Torres is under indictment in the US Federal Court for the District of Southern Texas on a charge of money laundering conspiracy.  (Source:  US v. Hernandez Villarreal and Torres, Case No. 2:13-cr-1075 (SD Tex), Indictment filed November 20, 2013 and Court Docket Report as of May 22, 2016. 

Internal Revenue Service - Criminal Investigations
United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Texas
United States District Court - Southern District of Texas