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Hosni Mubarak (United Kingdom)
President (1981-2011)
United Kingdom
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According to written evidence provided by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to the UK Parliament on Januaty 26, 2012, "The sanctions in respect of Egypt impose an asset freeze against 19 individuals identified as responsible for the misappropriation of Egyptian state funds. A list of these individuals is available from the Treasury website and is reproduced here for convenience. (1) Ahmed, Abla Mohamed Fawzi Ali (2) Al Naggar, Shahinaz Abdel Aziz Abdel Wahab (3) El Gammal, Khadiga Mahmoud (4) El Gazaerly, Naglaa Abdallah (5) Eladli, Habib Ibrahim Habib (6) Eldin, Jaylane Shawkat Hosni Galal (7) Elmaghraby, Ahmed Alaeldin Amin Abdelmaksoud (8) Ezz, Ahmed Abdelaziz (9) Fahmy, Hania Mahmoud Abdel Rahman (10) Garrana, Amir Mohamed Zohir Mohamed Wahed (11) Garrana, Mohamed Zohir Mohamed Wahed (12) Hussein, Rachid Mohamed Rachid (13) Mubarak, Alaa Mohamed Hosni Elsayed (14) Mubarak, Gamal Mohamed Hosni Elsayed (15) Mubarak, Mohamed Hosni Elsayed (16) Rasekh, Heidy Mahmoud Magdy Hussein (17) Sharshar, Elham Sayed Salem (18) Thabet, Suzanne Saleh (19) Yassin, Khadiga Ahmed Ahmed Kamel For reasons of confidentiality, the Treasury is unable to disclose the information requested about individuals and their assets frozen in the UK under the Egypt sanctions regime."  (Source: UK Parliament, Commons Debates, Written Answers January 26, 2012, "Treasury / Assets: Egypt.")  According to media reports in late May 2012, UK and Egyptian authorities met to discuss GBP85 million in Mubarak-related assets frozen in the UK.  (Source: Amer Sultan, "UK, Egypt resume talks on Mubarak assets recovery," Ahramonline, May 27, 2012.)

According to the New York Times and other sources, in May 2014, Mr. Mubarak was convicted on charge of embezzlement and sentenced to three years' imprisonment. (Source:  David Kirkpatrick, "Mubarak Gets 3 Years for Embezzlement, and His Sons Get 4," New York Times, May 21, 2014.)

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