Nexus Technologies Inc. / Joseph Lukas
Nexus Technologies Inc.
United States
Department of Justice; United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylania
Guilty Plea
Criminal Fine
Art.16, Art.23
Art. 1, Art. 7
Conspiracy, Bribery of foreign officials
Conspiracy, Bribery of foreign officials
According to the US Department of Justice Report to Congress, Appendix C "Summaries of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Enforcement Actions by the United States, January 1, 1998 - September 30, 2010," Nexus Technologies, at 57-58, accessed at Time period of misconduct in Vietnam 1999-2008; on September 4, 2008, Nexus and its employees Nam Quoc Nguyen, Kim Nguyen, and An Nguyen and joint venture partner Joseph Lukas were indicted by a grand jury in Philadephia on charges related to scheme to pay bribes totalling at least $250,000 to employees of state-owned enterprises in Vietnam in exchange for favorable treatment for Nexus in the award of procurement contracts. In accordance with its plea agreement, Nexus was given 1 year of organizational probation in which to completely cease operations, formally dissolve, and turn over all assets to the court. Nexus was ordered to pay $11,200 in special assessment but no fine and no restitution. (Source: US v. Nexus Technologies, Inc. Case No. 2:08-cr-00522-TJS (E.D. Pa.), Final Judgment filed September 16, 2010.)