UNC / Lear Services Inc.
UNC / Lear Services Inc.
United States
Department of Justice
Saudi Arabia
Legal Person
Guilty Plea
Criminal Fine, Criminal Restitution, Special Assessment
Art.16, Art.23, Art.26
Art. 1, Art. 2, Art. 7
Falsification of books and records, Mail fraud, Making a false statement
Falsification of books and records,Mail fraud, Making a false statement
According to the US Department of Justice Report to Congress, Appendix C "Summaries of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Enforcement Actions by the United States, January 1, 1998 - September 30, 2010," UNC/Lear Services, Inc. at 122: Misconduct took place in Saudi Arabia between 1993 and 1995; the US Department of Justice charged UNC/Lear Services on February 17, 2000; the charges arose from the company's efforts to conceal $140,000 in illicit payments which were made to a Kentucky corporation for the benefit of a Saudi Arabian consultant; the payments were descibed in the company's books and records as "fees for engineering services" and the consultant provided UNC/Lear with false invoices to support the payments. The Court Docket report in US v. UNC/Lear Services, Case No. 3:00-cr-00031-EHJ (W.D. Ky.) noted that on September 10, 2000, UNC/Lear pleaded guilty to all charges on March 6, 2000, and was sentenced to pay SPA $1200, $75,000 criminal fine, and $768,000 in restitution; the documents in the case were unavailable via Pacer. The Docket Report does not indicate the recipient of the restitution ordered.