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Viktor Yanukovych / Liechtenstein
President (2010-2014)
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According to the June 2014 statement by Liechtenstein's Prosecutor General and Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, the jurisdiction froze assets of "approximately 27 million Swiss francs that can be attributed to former Ukrainian politicians. The Liechtenstein Office of the Public Prosecutor has instituted criminal proceedings for money laundering in this connection. Shortly after the appointment of a new Ukrainian government in February 2014, criminal investigations were instituted in Ukraine against the former president, members of the former government, and family members of those persons on grounds of corruption. Consequently, Liechtenstein ordered on 28 February 2014 that potential assets of those persons be frozen and that any such assets be notified to the authorities. 

The goal of these measures is to ensure that assets of those persons can be identified. Reports to this effect were then submitted to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) for evaluation. In one group of cases, there is an initial suspicion that a criminal offence was committed, so the FIU notified the Office of the Public Prosecutor. The Office of the Public Prosecutor has applied to the investigating judge to carry out preliminary investigations against four suspects on suspicion of the crime of money laundering as referred to in § 165 paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 of the Liechtenstein Criminal Code (StGB)."  (Source:  "Ukraine: Liechtenstein freezes CHF 27 million and institutes criminal proceedings for money laundering," at


According to the INTEROL wanted list, Mr. Yanukovych is "Wanted by the Judicial Authorities of Ukraine for Prosecution / to serve a sentence" with the following charges listed: "Misappropriation, embezzlement or conversion of property by malversation, if committed in respect of an especially gross amount, or by an organized group."  (Source: INTERPOL, "Viktor Yanukovych," at (last accessed January 21, 2015)).

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