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Viktor Yanukovych / Austria
President (2010-2014)
Location of Recovery Effort
Art.17, Art.23
Ongoing case
Investigation/Asset Tracing/Asset Restraint

According to a February 2014 press statement by the Austrian Federal Ministry, Austria imposed a freeze on accounts of eighteen individuals: Mr. Yanukovych, his son and top members of his government.  The statement noted that Austria had taken the step at the request of the Ukrainian government as the EU was considering sanctions against these individuals, so as to prevent the assets from being withdrawn from the country.  (Source:  Austrian Federal Ministry, "APA: Österreich friert heimische Konten von 18 Ukrainern ein / Auf Ersuchen der neuen Regierung in Kiew - Hintergrund sind mögliche Menschenrechtsverletzungen und Korruptionsverdacht," February 28, 2014; See also  "Statement on Ukraine by Federal Minister Sebastian Kurz at the plenary session of the Austrian Parliament, 24.2.2014," and Austrian Financial Market Authority Press Release, "FMA draws attention to enhanced customer due diligence in the context of business relationships with politically exposed persons from Ukraine," February 21, 2014.).   The National Bank of Austria Regulation DevG 1/2014 lists the individuals. (Source:  Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative, Asset Recovery Actions for Ukraine, at

According to the INTEROL wanted list, Mr. Yanukovych is "Wanted by the Judicial Authorities of Ukraine for Prosecution / to serve a sentence" with the following charges listed: "Misappropriation, embezzlement or conversion of property by malversation, if committed in respect of an especially gross amount, or by an organized group."  (Source: INTERPOL, "Viktor Yanukovych," at (last accessed January 21, 2015).