SBM Offshore NV
SBM Offshore NV
Openbaar Ministrie (Public Prosecution Service)
Angola, Brazil, Equatorial Guinea
Legal Person
Out of Court Settlement
Criminal Fine, Criminal Confiscation
Art.1, Art. 2
Bribery of Foreign Public Officials
Bribery of Foreign Public Officials
According to the Openbaar Ministrie press release, "SBM Offshore has accepted an offer from the Dutch Public Prosecutor's Service (Openbaar Ministerie) to enter into an out-of-court settlement. The settlement consists of a payment by SBM Offshore to the Openbaar Ministerie of US$ 240,000,000 in total. This amount consists of a US$ 40,000,000 fine and US$ 200,000,000 disgorgement (ontneming van wederrechtelijk verkregen voordeel). This settlement relates to improper payments to sales agents and foreign government officials in Equatorial Guinea, Angola and Brazil in the period from 2007 through 2011 as identified by the Openbaar Ministerie and the Dutch Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (Fiscale Inlichtingenen Opsporingsdienst; FIOD). According to the Openbaar Ministerie's those payments constitute the indictable offences of bribery in the public and the private sector as well as forgery (valsheid in geschrifte).(Source: Openbaar Ministrie press release, "SBM Offshore N.V. settles bribery case for US$240,000,000," November 12, 2014 at