SNC-Lavalin Inc.
SNC-Lavalin Inc.
World Bank
Switzerland (Ben Aissa)
Legal Person
Negotiated Resolution Agreement
None specified
Ten years debarment of SNC-Lavalin Inc. and over 100 related entities
Art. 1, Art. 2
Conspiracy to Bribe Foreign Officials, Violation of World Bank Procurement Guidelines
Conspiracy to Bribe Foreign Officials, Violation of World Bank Procurement Guidelines
According to the World Bank, SNC-Lavalin Inc. and "over 100 affiliates - [were debarred] for a period of 10 years following the company’s misconduct in relation to the Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project in Bangladesh, as well as misconduct under another Bank-financed project. SNC-Lavalin Inc. is a subsidiary of SNC-Lavalin Group, a Canadian company, and represents more than 60% of its business. The debarment is part of a Negotiated Resolution Agreement between the World Bank and SNC-Lavalin Group following a World Bank investigation into allegations of bribery schemes involving SNC-Lavalin Inc. and officials in Bangladesh. While the investigation was ongoing, the World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency also learned of misconduct by SNC-Lavalin Inc. in relation to the World Bank-financed Rural Electrification and Transmission project in Cambodia. [ ] SNC-Lavalin’s misconduct involved a conspiracy to pay bribes and misrepresentations when bidding for Bank-financed contracts in violation of the World Bank’s procurement guidelines. Under the Agreement, the SNC-Lavalin Group and its affiliates commit to cooperating with the World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency and continuing to improve their internal compliance program. The debarment of SNC-Lavalin Inc. qualifies for cross-debarment by other MDBs under the Agreement of Mutual Recognition of Debarments that was signed on April 9, 2010." (Source: World Bank, "World Bank Debars SNC-Lavalin Inc. and its Affiliates for 10 years," April 17, 2013.)