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June 22, 2022

Legal Persons and Arrangements Money Laundering Risk Assessment Tool

StAR led the development of a new module to assess money laundering risks related to legal entities and beneficial ownership-related risks, as part of the World Bank’s National Money Laundering/Terrorist Financ...
Beneficial Ownership Transparency
StAR Publications
April 19, 2022

Signatures for Sale: How Nominee Services for Shell Companies Are Abused to Conceal Beneficial Owners

This report analyzes a family of related corporate arrangements in which nominees act as agents of principals in control of shell companies. It focuses on how nominee arrangements can be abused to facilitate fina...
Beneficial Ownership Transparency
StAR Publications
June 2, 2021

The Role and Responsibilities of Gatekeepers in the Fight against Illicit Financial Flows: A Unifying Framework

High-profile investigations, from the Panama Papers to the more recent FinCEN Files, have drawn widespread attention to the essential role of certain professional industries in relation to international money lau...
Beneficial Ownership Transparency
StAR Publications
October 24, 2011

The Puppet Masters

This StAR report examines how bribes, embezzled state assets and other criminal proceeds are being hidden via legal structures – shell companies, foundations, trusts and others. The study also provides policy m...
Beneficial Ownership Transparency
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