The Arab Forum on Asset Recovery, AFAR, was established in 2012, bringing together the G7, the Deauville Partnership with Arab Countries in Transition, key global and regional financial centers, as well as countries in the Arab World, to foster international cooperation for the return of stolen assets.

The Stolen Asset Recovery (StAR) Initiative was closely involved in the organization and running of the Forum.

Since the first Forum in Qatar in 2012, AFAR addressed the pressing needs of Arab States in recovering assets and served as a platform for practical action and cooperation. AFAR held three more forums until 2015 in Morocco, Switzerland, and Tunisia, ensuring Arab countries in transition and their partners had the right tools to track down stolen assets and return them quickly.

Corrupt officials spend years hiding assets so that they could never be found. After the Arab spring, Arab countries were faced with the challenge of unraveling the maze of individuals, businesses and financial centers, hunting for assets around the world and going through the legal processes of multiple countries.

The return of these stolen assets was not an exclusively Arab issue. The Forum became the place for partnership and collective action, bringing together the G8, the Deauville Partners, and officials from throughout this region to coordinate action-steps.

Mobilizing both policy makers and practitioners, the Forum generated political momentum and raised awareness locally and internationally promoting domestic coordination and facilitating international cooperation on cases. It has also provided training and guidance to increase the capability of law enforcement and other officials in these countries.

StAR provided countries with expertise and training to set up their own asset recovery centers so that countries can identify what has been stolen and successfully navigate international legal systems and provided knowledge and guidance on worldwide best practices, uniting expertise in law enforcement, legal processes and judicial procedures.