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llicit Enrichment by Andrew Dornbierer provides a comprehensive guide to illicit enrichment laws and their application to target unexplained wealth and recover proceeds of corruption and other crimes. The book covers both criminal and civil-based laws from around the world.

Investigators, prosecutors, legislators and academics alike will benefit from the clear descriptions and practical guidance on different approaches to targeting unexplainable increases in wealth, how to establish cases in court, and common legal challenges to illicit enrichment laws.

Illicit Enrichment was developed and published by the Basel Institute on Governance through its International Centre for Asset Recovery, with research support from the NYU School of Law.

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Illicit Enrichment: A Guide to Laws Targeting Unexplained Wealth
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Follow this link to find two additional useful features

Annex I: A database of illicit enrichment and other relevant legislation from 103 jurisdictions

Annex II: A source and application analysis guide


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