Request for Assistance

Steps for requesting StAR Assistance

  1. Usually a StAR engagement will start after a country has been in informal contact with a StAR staff member. If you have not already been in touch, but wish to find out whether we might be able to assist, please contact us at:
  2. After the initial outreach, you will need to send an official letter of request, signed by a senior official in your jurisdiction to either the World Bank country office or the UNODC country office, stating that your government would like StAR support in relation to its asset recovery efforts, and providing a point of contact. It can be as general or as specific as you consider appropriate. 
  3. Typically, StAR then plans a scoping mission to meet all national authorities who play a role in asset recovery. In preparation for the visit we request that the following information is provided: 
    • Current structure for international asset recovery in the country;
    • Foundational documents (laws and regulations) underpinning these efforts; and
    • Any strategy documents or action plans that have been developed which incorporate asset recovery components. 

For more information, please Contact Us