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The State of Play for Asset Recovery  

The high-level opening session will provide brief welcome remarks by the StAR Initiative Secretariat and set the stage for the substantive discussions during the day. The various topics of the StAR Day sessions will be introduced by the StAR Secretariat, and high-level speakers will provide reflections on the state of play for asset recovery worldwide, including trends identified in the second cycle of the UNCAC Implementation Review Mechanism as well as how different jurisdictions have been addressing key challenges to asset recovery. 


(Moderator) Mr. Emile J. M. Van Der Does De Willebois, Coordinator, StAR Initiative  

Ms. Brigitte Strobel-Shaw, Chief, Corruption and Economic Crime Branch, UNODC  

Mr. Ja-Hyeon Ku, Deputy Minister for Prosecution Service, Ministry of Justice, Republic of Korea 

Mr. Andrew Preston, Head, Joint Anti-Corruption Unit, Home Office, United Kingdom  

Ms. Gretta Fenner, Managing Director, International Centre for Asset Recovery, Basel Institute on Governance  

Mr. Cheol-Kyu Hwang, President, International Association of Prosecutors  







Orders without Borders – The Direct Enforcement of Foreign Restraint and Confiscation Decisions 

The fireside chat session will mark the launch of a new StAR publication on the direct enforcement of foreign confiscation orders “Orders without Borders: Direct Enforcement of Foreign Restraint and Confiscation Decisions; Approaches, Challenges, and Recommendations – a Worldwide Study”.  

Speakers will provide an overview of the conclusions of the study on current approaches used by jurisdictions on the direct enforcement of foreign confiscation orders (Art. 54 (1(a)) of UNCAC) and recommendations on how common obstacles could be overcome, including those related to confiscation orders derived from non-conviction based forfeiture mechanisms. 


(Moderator) Mr. Vladimir Kozin, UNODC  

Mr. Oscar Solorzano, International Centre for Asset Recovery, Basel Institute on Governance  

Ms. Hermione Cronje, South Africa  

Ms. Laure du Castillon, Belgium  

Mr. Stefano Betti, StAR Consultant

Co-organized by: StAR and the International Centre for Asset Recovery of the Basel Institute on Governance  


Networking Break 









Data and Transparency in Asset Recovery and Returns 

Better data on the quantities of proceeds of corruption that are frozen, seized, confiscated or returned worldwide is required to measure progress. Thus, this session will focus on the benefits of strengthening data collection and the importance of transparency to further advance asset recovery.  

Speakers will present an update on the StAR Initiative’s new global survey on efforts to recover and return proceeds of corruption in a systematic way and discuss examples of good practice related to the transparency of data on asset returns. 

(ModeratorMs. Roberta Solis, StAR Initiative 

Ms. Sol Krause, StAR Initiative  

Ms. Flavia Munteanu, HeadInternational and Operational Asset Recovery PolicyHomeland Security Group, Home Office, United Kingdom  

Ms. Emily Adby, International and Operational Asset Recovery PolicyHomeland Security Group, Home Office, United Kingdom  

Mr. Emmanuel Akomaye, UNODC Consultant 



 Lunch Break  









Ending the Shell Game – Why Fighting Corruption and Going After Dirty Money Relies on Global Beneficial Ownership Transparency   

The session will focus on beneficial ownership in the context of cross-border corruption investigations and asset recovery with the aim of de-mystifying different elements of the CoSP resolution on “Enhancing the use of beneficial ownership information to facilitate the identification, recovery and return of stolen assets”.  

Speakers will address the relevance of different provisions in the resolution for tracing assets and investigating international corruption, such as collection, information storage, data format, verification, and access to beneficial ownership information.  

(ModeratorMs. Sol Krause, StAR Initiative  

Professor Bolaji Owasanoye, Chairman, Independent Corrupt Practices and Other related Offences Commission, Nigeria 

Dr. Orji Ogbonnaya Orji, Executive Secretary, Nigeria Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative, Nigeria 

Mr. Thom Townsend, Executive-Director, Open Ownership  

Prof. Jason Sharman, Cambridge University  

Mr. Thom Townsend, Executive Director, Open Ownership 

Mr Andrii Borovyk, Executive-Director, Transparency International Ukraine  

Co-organized by Nigeria, StAR and UNCAC Coalition  









Standing as Victim of Corruption and Damages 

In collaboration with the International Bar Association’s Subcommittee on Asset Recovery, the StAR Initiative is working on a new publication which examines avenues available to victims (countries, civil society organizations or individuals) to obtain compensation for damages from corruption (including social damages), and who has standing to demand such damages in different legal systems. These concepts can become practical in grand corruption cases (reparation processes or civil lawsuits) in which states claim damages deriving from active bribery or other corruption related offences in major business transactions.   

The session will provide an overview of the conclusions of the publication and of current approaches in this topic in different legal systems. 


(Moderator) Mr. Felipe Falconi, UNODC  

(Moderator) Ms. Yara Esquivel, StAR Initiative  

Ms. Greysa Barrientos, Prosecutor, Costa Rica 

Ms. Kate McMahon, Chairperson, International Bar Association Anti-Corruption Asset Recovery Subcommittee 

Mr. Richard E. Messick, Consultant, StAR initiative 

Ms. Juanita Olaya Garcia, UNCAC Coalition 

Co-organized by: StAR and the IBA Subcommittee on Asset Recovery 


 Networking Break






16:45 – 17:45 





Taxing Corruption – How Can Anticorruption and Tax Authorities Work Together?  

The StAR Initiative is launching in collaboration with the Institute for Austrian and International Tax law a publication on the ways in which tax and law enforcement authorities can support each other’s objectives.  

This session will explore how a corruption investigation can assist tax authorities collect revenue, and vice versa how tax investigations can lead to the recovery of the proceeds of corruption. It will focus on modes of cooperation, the gateways for information exchange and the conditions under which it can take place and the use of relevant investigative tools. 

(Moderator) Mr. Jean-Pierre Brun, StAR Initiative  

Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Owens, Director, Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law 

Ms. Jovile Mungyereza, Uganda  

Mr. Jean-François Bohnert, Chief Public Prosecutor, Head of the National Financial Prosecution Office, France 

Co-organized by: StAR and the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law 






Closing Session: Charting the Way Forward for Asset Recovery  

Speakers will provide a summary of the discussions held during the day and recommendations on the way forward to strengthen asset recovery worldwide.  

Mr. John Brandolino, Director, Division for Treaty Affairs, UNODC  

Mr. Emile J. M. Van Der Does De Willebois, Coordinator, StAR Initiative